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OTM extension


OTM is an association that deals with tourism, experiences and accommodation in one of the most beautiful cities in southern Italy, Monopoli.​

In respect of the territory, OTM has united various suppliers and services in a single nucleus to organize and offer tourists and inhabitants of the same city excursions, events, gastronomic itineraries, shopping, experiences and unforgettable stays.

We at Wanderlust, who love to travel, immediately accepted this challenge by creating a targeted Brand Identity.

We have created a flat design logo, of lines and curves, which portrays the well-known typical boat, the Gozzo, now a symbol of Monopoli, used a lot in the past by fishermen  of the city.

We have created the website and social pages, inserting relevant and interesting content, in order to position our client in the top positions on the search engine.

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